Helping our clients’ businesses realize their full potential


… and it’s working because they usually come back for more.

Best Market Intelligence

Making the right marketing decisions is challenging and you need reliable strategic insights and the best market intelligence to support them.

Competitive Advantages

We strive to understand your challenges and to work with you in partnership to identify competitive advantages.

Working Partnerships

From the inception of an idea through to execution in the market, our team works with you, and guides you through every step of the process.

Passion and Impact

We are passionate about finding the right approach and thus always have our senior staff intimately involved on all projects.

Efficient and Effective

We recommend the most efficient and effective research programs to discover the product, consumer, brand, and market stories that have real world implications and provide insights that impact your business.

Actionable Results

We go beyond the data to find the relevant triggers that will deliver the results you need.

Burak Jacobson Research Partners Inc. brings extensive experience with international, national and local businesses, on projects large and small.